Put My Strategy Up There

I have a habit of not saying anything a kid can say.  So when students present a strategy, even if it is the ultimate strategy I wanted to present, I give the student credit.  Here are a few examples of thoughts students have provided.  We can it their strategy and refer to their suggestions often.



It has become such a habit, when a student stated her strategy for converting a large number from scientific notation to standard form she yelled, “Put my strategy up there, I want my own strategy!”  And so I did.


  1. I’m wondering how it affects students in a later class (if you have multiple math classes) with strategies already up there? Do you give co-credit, or do they not go up until end of the day?

    • This year I actually have only one class. Two years ago when I was teaching 7th grade, I would put up the anchor charts at the end of the day. If the same idea was presented in different classes I would co-credit as you put it. If not, that one student would receive credit and I would still refer to their strategy even if they were not in that particular class.

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