Intentional Assessment

We have been slowing going through the Formative Instructional Practices developed by the Georgia DOE for the past 3 years. This year, we are focusing in on the student self assessment and feedback modules. I’ve dabbled in student self assessment in the past like here and here

This year, I’m trying to be more intentional with making student self assessment a part of our habit of mind. What this looks like is school mandated content maps, rubric scoring (rubric based on Dane Ehlert’s rubric found here)of assignments and this:

Each morning, within the morning message, I encourage students to review the learning target(s) and move their picture accordingly. Twice a week, we revisit the content map and rate our understanding of the learning targets. I’m very intentional about sharing the true purpose of the formative assessments we complete and the reason homework is assigned. 

Remember, my goal is to make this a habit of mind for all students. Has every student moved a picture? Not yet. Does every student take the content map seriously? Not yet. Does every student complete their *homework? Not yet. But I will continue the conversation until every student feels like Nate who while working independently got up quietly from his seat and moved his picture. Or like Dayane who asked, “If I understand this learning target but not the other, can I still move my picture?” 

*a note about homework. Personally and as a parent I hate homework. For as long as I can remember it’s just been busy work which causes strife and tears. When I assign it, students have several days to complete enough to where they feel they had enough practice. I differentiate homework based on who needs additional practice with what. Or I differentiate based on student choice. 

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