Seeds In The Ground

My professional goal just became personal. After having conversation with a colleague about my transition from a classroom teacher to a math coach within the same building it dawned on me. She said to me, “you have seeds in the ground.”  As teachers we have the opportunity to plant many seeds within the students we encountered, good or bad. There were a lot of things I attempted last year to plant positive seeds within my students. More times than not, we never have the opportunity to water, till nor harvest the fruit that is produced from our work. When my colleague uttered those words, I realized I’ve been granted a chance to do more than plant. 

My professional goal this year was to move us to have more of a balanced approach to math instruction. My plan for getting us there was shared in this post. I get to oversee the growing process and if there’s water too much, not water enough, provide the wrong fertilizer or don’t allow in enough sunlight, the fruit will not grow properly. 

When I conduct PLs I’m educating on ways to tend to their gardens. When I visit classrooms, I’m helping to see if plants need pruning or support staffs. I’m looking for ways to help them produce the ripest, sweetest, plentiful fruit. 

 My seeds


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