There’s a Disconnect

To me, the whole purpose of students submitting assignments is for me to see what they know and understand at the time the work is submitted. It’s like a checkpoint, a formative assessment and not just a grade in the gradebook. This year, I’ve been very intentional about implementing tasks to build understanding, formatively assessing almost daily and using a rubric to evaluate student understanding. 

Even still, there’s been a bit of a recurring theme for my students. I noticed that many students do well on class work and formative assessments scoring 2’s and 3’s on a 4 point rubric. However, when it comes to the common assessments student score poorly. This has baffled me so much.  How can a student show they understand one moment and appear to have no idea on a certain assessment?  No need to assume Jenise, just ask them.  So I did. 

The black lists are factors students contribute to poor performance

The orange list are suggestions students gave to me to try to help them. My thoughts are in blue.

Take a close look at the first orange list. What do you notice? Some of the feedback was very enlightening. There were suggestions given that I was already providing but the students didn’t make a connection to their purpose. There were things I would definitely try. Of course some things were suggested to which I could not compromise such as give extra credit, use traditional grading, and give them rules or steps to follow. 

I’ve learned so much just by asking their opinion, being transparent and being open to receive whatever they may say. These things may very well be the key to dissolving the disconnect. 


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