Note to Self…

How to grade for learning is so important. I’ve shifted over the years as I learned what’s important to include in the grade and what is not. Now, students’ grades are solely based on their demonstration of their understanding. I don’t deduct points if they write in pen. I don’t take off if the assignment is late. And I do not give extra credit.

Currently, students decide which assignment they want scored from work collected in their portfolio from Wednesday to Wednesday. I use the rubric created using the Standards of Mathematical Practice and record the score in the grade book. How I manage the various assignments turned in, I list them as checkpoint 1, checkpoint 2 and so on.

Note to self, stating 2nd quarter, why not log the score in the grade book using the learning target it addresses. So all assignments and scores relating to simplifying expressions will be entered under the target “simplifying expressions”. This will ensure the information record is accurate to how the student is performing on specific learning targets.


Ideas spawned from reading this book.

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