The Evolution of a Butterfly

It’s hard to find a place to begin with this post. So let me set the context with this video. Austin’s Butterfly

My Butterfly Experience

So I developed a rubric using the language of the SMPs my students determined. I had to get grades in the grade book which prompted me to use the rubric before receiving any feedback on it. Let me tell you people, receiving feedback when your back is against the wall doesn’t feel good AT ALL. Feedback which would normally empower you now makes you feel inadequate. I’m currently on the fourth draft of my butterfly Task Rubric.

A Classroom Full of Butterflies

After showing my students the video above, we discussed what they noticed within the video.
“He never gave up.”
“His friends have him feedback and were nice about it.”
“It takes a while to get it right.”
Are all comments that came up in all four classes.

This was followed by discussing our classroom expectation which is our task rubric. Students scored sample student work and provided feedback telling the student what they needed to do in order better meet the expectation.




To summarize this activity, students compared their own task to the rubric. They were able to ask their shoulder partners for feedback on ways to improve. I provided them with the option to add more to their task or leave it as is.

The evolution of a butterfly



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