American Preparedness

A few years ago the leaders at my church, The Soul Factory, began to encourage everyone to “be ready”. This meant to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters by keeping a go bag in our cars, creating a stockpile of food, water and medical supplies in our homes, taking self defense courses and even completing a CERT certification course. Therefore, if something were to happen, my family wouldn’t be in an all out panic.

So I’ve taken this way of thinking into preparing in my profession. After finding out I was teaching 7th grade math I felt it was important to ensure I was prepared. Not just knowing what I’m supposed to teach, but understanding it so that I can help build my students conceptual understanding. This was so major for me. It put me in such a vulnerable place.

I decided to put together a flexbook textbook using I gathered various resources and transferred them into the system, a mass undertaking. For a moment I thought, this is so redundant Jenise. But as I gave it more thought, I realized how doing this forced me to work through the tasks which in turn deepened my understanding. It caused me to make a bridge between what’s conceptual and what’s abstract.

My finished product can be found on or Conceptual Mathematics 7th Grade. I would like to thank Turtle and Brooke from the Georgia Department of Education, Robert Kaplinsky, Andrew Stadel and Exemplars for providing resources, ideas and the platform to deepen my own understanding of mathematics.


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